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The Johnson & Burge Story

Cheers to a New Team Brand

When three solo Realtors make the leap to form a trio, new messaging is a must! Now, with a clear-yet-creative brand message, Johnson & Burge is positioned as the experts in their area, along with a got-to-get-to-know-them vibe. We applied their brand message to an inviting website, personality-packed social, a value-loaded lead generator and an impression-making intro booklet. These assets have them reaching more leads with a converting message - and all their marketing is easier to create & manage.

Messaging & Web Content

After guiding the team through a discovery process, we created a brand message guide to make sure we were hitting all the right notes throughout their marketing. With that foundational piece in place, I wrote the copy for their new website with a strategic flow of information. Their web designer did a beautiful job bringing it to life.

Client Touch Booklet

We took the fleshed-out brand message and designed an impressive booklet in both print and email versions. The team now has the perfect "leave behind" or email package for a memorable, upscale introduction or follow-up.

JB Booklet front stacked.jpeg
Lead Generator 1

Value-Packed Lead Generator

How do you position yourself as a generous authority? Give away your insight! This multi-paged e-book is a helpful, practical gift for Johnson & Burge's clients and leads alike!

Savvy Social Support

The team does a great job with their in-the-moment social. As a brilliant supplement, their social calendar is loaded with on-brand IG & Facebook posts that reinforce the brand message in between their on-the-fly content! Keeping social has never been easier.

Social Media

Want it all, but not all at once?

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Celebrate Clarity!


We "heart" Dawn!  We are so happy we found her through StoryBrand. We're a newly formed Real Estate team of three from Virginia Beach, VA (with more than 35 years of real estate experience combined), and we were looking to rebrand ourselves as a team rather than as individual agents. We met with Dawn to discuss ideas, and we were immediately sold. Dawn "got us!"  She found the perfect words to describe us as a team and individually. Dawn delivers and then some.  She makes the discovery process so comfortable... as if you're chatting with a friend! Invest in Dawn and Greenhouse Creative.  You won't be disappointed!

Johnson & Burge Real Estate, Virginia Beach VA


Based in Kelowna, BC Canada

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